Fight Academy Ireland


Put your skills to the test in our controlled and supervised sparring sessions, where you can apply your training and technique in realistic scenarios, sharpening your instincts and reactions.

Class Schedule

DayTime and Activity
Sunday10.30am to 11.30pm - Beginners Sparring Class
11.30am to 12.30pm - Intermediate to Advanced Sparring (75kg and Under)
12.30pm to 1.30pm - Intermediate to Advanced Sparring (75kg and Above)


Pay As You Go£8 Per Session


Full MMA Package£70 D/D (75 Cash)
Kids MMA£40 D/D Only
Stand Up / Grappling Package£45 D/D (50 Cash)

**Monthly membership gives you access to full use of gym, spin and circuit classes. All classes must be pre booked via our app.